The Effect of Call Center Software in the Cloud’s Emergence

The phrase “in the cloud” was popularized when that Microsoft advertisement campaign started airing in the television and in the internet. Although it was initially designed for the benefit of the people in the computer technology industry, it was more embraced by contact centers that is why the technology known as call center software in the cloud was coined. It has been reported that contact centers in the US spend more than $700 million for the call center software in the cloud technology in 2013 and is expected to rise up to $1 billion in the years to come given that the call center industry is currently thriving and is still growing. Even though the numbers still favor hosted call center software since they still sit at the top in terms of contact centers’ expenses at $1.1 billion for last year, it wouldn’t be surprising that the rankings will interchange in the following years due to the popularity of the “in the cloud” format most especially among small up to mid-sized call center companies.

Taking advantage of a hosted call center software for the contact center operations is already proven and tested but the emergence of the call center software in the cloud has provided a tough competition for the traditional call center software. The call center software in the cloud has features which is more convenient to use for small time entrepreneurs who are into the call center business.  Aside from the features it is also cost-effective which is a big plus considering that small up to mid-sized contact centers are on a tight budget when it comes to spending in the technology that they need for their respective companies. Call center software in the cloud is a welcome development for small players in the call center industry.

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New Call Center Software Feature: The SMS Format

There are call center companies nowadays who are able to divert incoming calls into text messages instead. Thanks to the call center software that they are using as this is all made possible by the technology. This type of call center service did not exist before because as the name suggests the company only host and entertain phone or voice “calls”. However, the industry which is still considerably young has further evolved and now there are new platforms to which they can extend their services to customers. Entertaining customer concerns and inquiries via SMS or text messages is just one of it.

The SMS format is usually given as an option for a customer for them to continue their transaction or whatever it is that they are having with the call center agent. There are still no call center companies as we have heard of that only serves customers via the text format. This is not surprising at all considering that the SMS format was just a recent development as an add-on for call center software features. Call center software and technology containing such feature are most likely new models or recent ones. There could also be a chance that this type of technology could still be expensive given that it is still new. Also, it would be a bit strange for contact centers to embrace the format right away because their customers will still have a hard time adjusting to it including the call center agents who all this time are used to the standard format. All in all, the SMS format can still be considered as a welcome development for the call center industry. As call center software technology continues to progress then the call center industry will also go with it considering the technology is the backbone for most companies.

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The Booming of IVR Technology

The IVR system has to be tested and fine tuned to perfection constantly. This include system maintenance and upgrades if necessary. This should be a priority for the business owner or system administrator of the company who takes advantage of IVR services for their operations as it would be crucial to the success of the company. A budget has to be set for it but it is also practical to not overspend most especially with upgrades and software changes or else the company will also suffer for overspending on it.

The IVR technology has been constantly evolving and manufacturers of such technology has been focused to come up with new models and variations of IVR systems every now and then. They know that businesses of different niches and under different industries will take advantage of such technology because it will make their own operations better which means more productivity and work efficiency. However, this development can be both an advantage and disadvantage for business owners who takes advantage of IVR services. Yes they know that they can expect to have excellent technology that could be of service to them constantly but on the other side it could also mean that the IVR system that they are currently using can already be obsolete in a month or two upon purchase.

This predicament is a tough one for business owners. If they constantly take advantage of the best IVR services out there then the budget for such technology will most likely occupy the entire thing and other aspects of the business that the company should spend on will be underspent. The only solution for this is to wisely choose for an IVR system whose features are already perfect for your current operations. An upgrade will only be important if it is called for the status of the company.

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The Functions of a Telemarketing Software

Most call center companies choose to go with the outbound format because their profit is almost unlimited depending on the performance of the company. Unlike inbound call centers, they are usually paid at a flat rate by their clients and their only chance of raising their profits is only by getting more and more clients. Outbound call center companies are also known as telemarketing companies to many and for them to excel in the field they are in, they got to have a telemarketing software working for them.

A telemarketing software is a program that is being installed in the server of a telemarketing company. It will provide the company a network for the system administrator or contact center operator to give their call center agents. The agents would have to connect to this network and it gives the system administrator or operator the privilege of being able to monitor all of the agents along with the calls that they are going to make on the server. The telemarketing software will also act as the predictive dialer of the company and it will automatically dial numbers stored in the database for the agents. Without a telemarketing software it would be almost impossible for the company to thrive most especially at this time wherein the call center industry is already very competitive.

Aside from its basic uses, a telemarketing software is also equipped with other features that will help enhance customer satisfaction and experience towards the service that the telemarketing company provides. The features will usually depend on the price of the telemarketing software. The more expensive ones are equipped with multiple features while the cheaper ones will most likely have the basic features only. A telemarketing company should always put the budget for the telemarketing software that they are going to use on top of things.

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Goals in Call Center Software as a Service Implementation

There have to be goals set for the company to achieve that is why they have implemented a certain call center software as a service in their system. These goals do not have to be broad and general such as saying that the software was implemented for the betterment of the company. That statement would be stupid at an extent. The contact center operator or owner must be very specific when it comes to these goals and how the call center software as a service will help them achieve them.

The most common goal is to provide the best service and value to customers. The customers have to be the main reason why such software is implemented. What’s good for them is better for the company, this is how call center owners should think. The features of the call center software as a service must be able to give customer care or enhance the experience that they get while connected to your live agent or the IVR service that the company is using.

What call center operators must avoid as a part of their goal of implementing a call center software as a service is to pay the lowest cost possible at the expense of the services that they can give their customers. Trying to save up on expenses but at the same time reducing the quality of service that they can give should be a huge no-no. The money saved this way would not compensate for the bad impression and dissatisfaction that the customers are going to have. In the end, the call center company will suffer for it as they’d lose customers to contemporaries who provide better services. If you happen to be one of tose call center owners then you must make sure that you have your goals in implementing a call center software as a service aligned with your company’s vision.

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Working with an IVR and a Mobile App at the Same Time

The IVR system and mobile applications have a lot of similarities most especially when they are viewed as technologies that help and assist call center companies and contact centers. What is often overlooked is that both technologies can also be used to work alongside each other for a much better service and effectiveness. Most contact centers operators only pick either one of them for contact center use. They avoid taking advantage of both technologies because they feel that it would be costly and would only cause additional expenses for the company. They settle with either an IVR system or a mobile app because they know that it would be enough to suffice the need of the company. What they miss about implementing both services is the chance to maximize their service and take it to another level that their counterparts haven’t achieved yet.

Customers of contact centers are constantly looking forward for a different experience when it comes to services acquired from call center companies. The most up to date technology certainly impresses them and if they are given the choices of having to go with either an IVR or a mobile application in catering to their needs would be a huge plus. A lot of people these days are used to rely heavily in smartphones and laptops for their needs which also include calling up contact centers. The mobile application would be very ideal for them. However, there are also people who stick with the traditional method of dialing up contact center then the IVR service will still be more convenient for them. Combining these two technologies as a part of the contact center options in giving out their services is never a bad thing and the outcome of it will surely offset the money that they would have spent to purchase both technology.

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IVR Service vs. Mobile Applications

Interactive voice response (IVR) services are already considered as a staple technology for call center companies. However, there has been a gradual decline to its use as of late due to the emergence of other types of customer-oriented technology services such as applications that can be accessed via mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. These apps serve as a competition towards IVR service which provides an interesting dilemma to technology manufacturers who produce such technologies.

The call center industry is one of the industry that rely heavily on technology such as the IVR services. The development of mobile-based applications surely caught their attention because this time around they have another technology option to choose from in order to enhance or simply use for their operations. The judgement towards which is more fitting for them or if they should succumb to such new technology is not up to the call center operators to decide because the customers reception of it would have to be the final say. It is understandable that customers will always have an awkward reception whenever a new technology has been implemented in a company. It takes a few weeks or so for them to get used to it and leave a judgement if it is much better than the former. But it is worth the risk for call center companies to purchase and implement a new technology that will support their operations?

IT experts treat the emergence of the mobile applications as a welcome development to the industry. They say that the IVR system and mobile applications should not be considered as technologies that offsets each other because both can be utilized to maximize the operations of a call center company. Instead of picking just either one of them, a call center operator can choose to use both IVR service and mobile applications to further enhance operations and serve more customers at once.

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Call Center Software and its Functions

The call center industry has emerged as one of the most thriving industries as of late most especially in Asian countries and in scattered areas at South America. As 1st world countries continue to outsource tasks and services to 3rd world countries for a cheaper service fee, the call center industry for the latter have received a significant boost in terms of work load and number of clients. This success for call center companies also translates a rise in demand for call center software, telemarketing software, IVR technology and other technology that call center companies need for their operations. We all know that these technologies serve as the backbone of contact centers and it is impossible for them to operate without them. This brought pressure to technology manufacturers for them to keep step with the growing demand and at the same time continuously improve their products along with its features.

The Use of a Call Center Software

A call center software is a program installed within the system of a call center company. It provides a network for all the agents to connect to and will also provide a stream of calls to the agents as stored in their database. The call center software also has multiple features such as providing the system administrator a window wherein he or she can monitor all of the agents just by browsing in the computer. This technology is also capable of recording and monitoring calls that will serve as data for the call center operator to review for quality assurance. Without a call center software, a contact center will struggle in keeping up with its contemporaries. It is considered a must-have for contact centers these days to have one installed in their system unlike years ago wherein most call center companies stick to manual dialing without technology intervention.

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Arrival of the Predictive Dialer

The emergence of the predictive dialer in the call center industry was a big game changer. It was able to automate a number of tasks that used to be done manually by call center agents thus increasing the effectiveness and productivity of call center companies who take advantage of it. Before there was a predictive dialer, a lot of time is being wasted  in between calls. Sum up all of the precious time wasted whenever an agent dials and waits for the customer to pick up the call including the time when he or she looks up to find a new customer to call to make a new call. The time wasted will be a pain to the call center owner because it is a big factor why they are less productive.

Predictive dialers changed the way of operations around call center companies. Call center agents can now focus on doing the calls alone and not worry about leads to call to or dial. The predictive dialer will automatically dial calls for call center agents and pass them on to whoever is available. Busy numbers will right away be skipped and the technology will simply follow a priority list as assigned by the operator or administrator in its database. The call center agents will now experience a stream of calls and they can only take a break from it whenever they take a timeout which is a compulsory in call center companies.

The arrival of the predictive dialer has simply contributed nothing but positivity towards call center operators and owners. A lot of the success that they are experiencing right now can directly be blamed on to this technology. The predictive dialer can also be the reason why the call center industry is thriving, despite the global economic crisis.

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Taking Advantage of Outbound IVR Services

It has already been predicted that hosted outbound interactive voice response (IVR) services will double from an estimated cost of $210 million in 2009 up to more than $500 million in 2014 within the area of North America alone. Outbound IVR services have provided a major impact for companies in different industries as it has given them a privilege in order to give better services by simplifying and automating certain tasks. Outbound IVR services can be able to provide proactive customer interaction, send out notifications to customers and remind clients of notices just to name a few. However, there are also intricacies and complex processes involved in taking advantage of an outbound IVR services that a company have to understand before being able to maximize the advantages that the technology could bring.

Outbound IVR services is already considered a must have by most business experts for companies in various industries. Regardless of the size of the company, having an outbound IVR services cover for several tasks that the company does is a proven advantage for them. It would be a cost-cutting move without sacrificing the quality of service that they give to their customers. Most customers also respond positively to companies who use outbound IVR services because the process is sped up for their convenience compared to employees doing the task manually for them. Taking advantage of outbound IVR services is definitely a win-win situation for most business companies. Aside from its cost-effectiveness, they are also able to save time through it. Outbound IVR services are capable of serving multiple customers all at once which is impossible if a company hires regular employees to do such task. This does not only mean that they can be able to save time and effort off of it but they will also maximize their productivity out of implementing outbound IVR services within the company.

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